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Coral has been sought after for years for its beauty and for some, as an amulet for protection.

It really is an old world looking stone with is creamy burnt orange hue.

The ornate setting in these particular earrings is quite elegant and marries well with the softness of the coral.

The full oval including the setting measures 1.5cm high x 1.25cm wide.

From the base of the earring to the top of the hook it is 2.5cm long.

They are set with 9ct gold and have a very substantial long look which is comforting.


The energies of Coral will deter any kind of negative thought. It will promote honesty, truthfulness, and positivity.When you work with ocean energies, such as this stone you will receive protection from negativity and evil influences.

This stone will help you release unhealthy thoughts and emotions.

9ct Gold Coral Earrings

SKU: 9K101787
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