A new addition to our collection of different and beautiful jewellery at Beechworth Gold is a gorgeous range from Mexico.


Each piece is handmade by the Gomez family in Central Mexico.

Miniature flowers are grown in pots and picked at dawn while the flowers are fresh and small.

Then they are dried, and placed in Sterling Silver and resin casings.

The end result is a very pretty, feminine piece of jewellery. 

This particular piece has mixture of flowers set in resin and encased in a Sterling Silver heart surround and bale.

It also come with a beautiful 40cm Sterling Silver ball chain.

It measures 1.7cm high without the bale (2.5cm with) , and 2cm wide.

It weighs in total 5gms.

The Sterling Silver chain weighs 3.2gm

The pendant weighs 1.8gms.


This piece also has matching earrings in either stud or hook

Each piece will be a little different as they are made from natural forming flowers.

Mexican Flower Pendant

SKU: SS202244B