Following the gold rush of the 1850's Beechworth became the public service centre for the north east of Victoria, with a rail head, huge mental asylum complex, large gaol, the largest hospital between Melbourne and Sydney, its own brewery etc. Today these buildings stand proud and add to the joy of visiting one of Australia's most picturesque areas.

Beechworth Gold is situated in the most attractive North East township of Beechworth and is a family owned business, which began in 1997 with a derelict but beautiful National Trust listed original bank of Victoria building. After renovation Beechworth Gold opened it's doors as an incredible jewellery and gift shop for the owner's manufacturing business.

Beechworth Gold have an impeccable reputation as specialist jewellery merchants, as well as being internationally recognized and sought after for our exclusive collection of hand crafted, unique & creative jewellery designs. You will find everything from diamond rings to beautifully crafted handmade jewellery, the comprehensive range of jewellery and exquisite selection of gifts offered at Beechworth Gold is testimonial to our intimate understanding of what constitutes the art of perfection.

At Beechworth Gold, we are dedicated to providing exceptional quality alongside our expertise and genuine love of jewellery, which means whether our jewellery is made by us or manufactured in Australia or abroad, we ensure the jewellery we individually select is subject to the same rigorous quality standards.

If you're embarking on a jewellery journey - look no further...Beechworth Gold is your only destination for beautiful, superior quality gold & silver jewellery, wedding rings & engagement rings, anniversary gifts, birthday gifts, exclusive designs, special occasion jewellery, everyday jewellery, gold jewellery, Australian opals, natural pearls, diamonds, watches, clocks, special stones, all manner of rocks, gifts and souvenirs at prices that will pleasantly surprise you.